Sin Ifie
第 18 場
Sin Ifie


Sin Ifie的「實驗室觀察」將人際關係放到顯微鏡下,形象化了人與群體、社會間的關連,指出發生在社會維度中的個人層次行為。藉由重複熟悉的日常現象,呈現不同的觀點。
Sin Ifie的《人類身體的風景》主張個人主義必須在國家式的巨靈系統中建立新的認同,這是因為個體的混合影像能夠被召喚成為一個整體的風景。與此同時,在觀察之下的女性的女性主義彷若一個城市的主體或是一個規訓與生產的主體而變成是一個問題。另一方面,她們因為在想像的實驗室中的客體化而變成平穩的原則,而其他的所有事物則變成不正常的事物。女性、兒童、父子、母子關係、家庭、朋友、垂直與性關係。。。等等,這些都可能被顯微鏡的「實驗室觀察」的儀器所規訓與控制。

I will talk about my art works, especially project “Laboratory observation”.

‘Laboratory Observations’ microscopically visualizes the human relationship in society. It recognizes human behaviors above personal dimension but as occurring in a social dimension, repeating and patterning familiar daily phenomenon to view them differently.

Landscape is not a passive image but a creative result of the ability to find it. This project is based on topics related to relationship, conversation and social censorship. The micro videos are accurate as a hidden scene of human body. Sorrowful sights can be seen between human relationship and human behavior research in <Laboratory Observation: Landscape of Human Bodies>.

Sin Ifie’s ‘Landscape of Human Bodies’ insist that individualism should create a new identity in Levithan System. That is because the mixed image of Individuals can be called as a one whole landscape. At the same time, the feminism of the females under observation becomes a problem as subjects of a city or subjects of discipline and production. On the other hand, they become the rule of stationarity by becoming objected in the imaginary laboratory, and everything else becomes abnormal. Females, children, paternity, maternity, family, friendship, vertical relationship and sexuality etc. may all be disciplined and controlled by the equipment of the microscopic ‘Laboratory Observation’

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