Michelle Rosenberg
第 9 場
Michelle Rosenberg


「免費字母The Free Alphabet」是一項蜜雪兒·羅森伯格進行中的計劃,計劃中,將垃圾以及很容易被找到的免費物件,轉換成在公眾場所中有功能的語言。靈感來自於2012年的「佔領華爾街(Occupy Wall Street)」,其中,地圖式繪出公空間中的physical and political variables。[免費字母The Free Alphabet]是一個代碼(code),開始與公共空間中未被發現物件的對話、也是在我們物質文化中映照被拋棄物的一項提議與計劃。在臺灣的期間,蜜雪兒為臺北著手「免費字母The Free Alphabet」,將物件以它們名字以注音符號系統(ㄅㄆㄇㄈ)(Zhuyin Fuhao,bopomofo)的第一個聲韻(first sound)、和它們名字的語音符號(phonetic notation)系統,串聯起來。


這個連結物件名字到語音字母(phonetic alphabet)的系統,被廣泛用於學童學習如何讀、寫之中。這一知識類型,被多數成人所遺忘。蜜雪兒將討論「免費字母」,並分享其在倫敦與紐約的版本、以及先前的作品。


The Free Alphabet is an ongoing project by artist Michelle Rosenberg that takes garbage and commonly found free objects and arranges them into a functional language for use in public space. Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2012, The project maps the physical and political variables of public space. The Free Alphabet is proposed as both a code for use by the initiated to communicate undetected in public space as well as a reflection on the discarded items of our material culture. While in Taiwan, Michelle has been working on a Free Alphabet for Taipei that connects objects based on the first sound of their names to the Zhuyin Fuhao (bopomofo) system of phonetic notation. This system of connecting the names of objects to letters of a phonetic alphabet is widely used by children to learn how to read and write. It is a type of knowledge that has been forgotten by most adults. Michelle will discuss the Free Alphabet and show documents from the London and New York version of the project as well as examples of older work.

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蜜雪兒·羅森伯格 Michelle Rosenberg