[artist talk] 大畑彩
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[artist talk] 大畑彩

Sayaka Ohata (1983) 是一位跨足於日本東京和法國巴黎的國際藝術家。
從繪畫跨越影像到裝置藝術,她使用廣泛的媒材創作,並且創造出一個探索「內在感知」的多元藝術創作架構。在前往法國向Matthieu Laurette學習Beaux-Arts之前,她曾於東京多摩大學媒體藝術系師事Seiko Mikami 及 Yukiko Shikata。在此她發現到簡約與繁複主義為同等重要的概念。近期研究聚焦於「白」的概念,並延伸至邊界 碎片 痕跡 或者介於這三者之間。她不僅在找尋新的感官體驗,並且同時重新探索關於內在的現象。透過她的語言能啟發人們的感官覺知,讓人們看見那些在腦海中不可見或不可言說的部分。

Sayaka Ohata (1983) is an international artist based in Tokyo and Paris.
Employing a broad range of media from painting across video to installation, she has created a diverse body of artwork that explores the “internal sens”. She was graduated in media-art at the Tama University in Tokyo (with Seiko Mikami and Yukiko Shikata) before moving to France to study Beaux-Arts (with Matthieu Laurette). There she discovered to attribute an equal importance to the concepts of reduction and pluralism. Her last research was focused on the notion of “white” and extended her interests in borders, fragments, traces, in-between.
She is not only looking for a new sensory but for rediscovering the internal phenomena. Her language is able to inspire our senses, to let us see what is often still invisible or indefinable in our mind.

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